Character introduction


Mr. T

Third grade in junior high school. The leader of this homepage. In charge of illustration. He belongs to the computer club, and his hobby is shogi. Anyway,I like space and often go to the science museum during summer vacation. A reliable leader who is familiar with computers and can help you in case of trouble.


Mr. R

Third grade in junior high school. On this homepage, he is in charge of inserting photos and creating a relaed phrase dictionary. Belonging to the track and field club,I will do my best to finish the homepage more speedily with my own quickness.


Mr. S

Third grade in junior high school. This homepage is in charge of the English page. He belongs to the Faculty of Science, and his hobbies are mainly anime and games. He is good at chemistry even in science,and leads to ideas from the chemistry side.


Mr. K

Second grade of junior high school. Belongs to the soft tennis club. He is in charge of proofreading. Tennis is booming in the world right now, but he would like to do his best on this homepage as well as on his club.

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