This is the problem!

What is a travel plan that everyone can enjoy?

In order to develop space travel, it is necessary to develop space travel that meets the needs of each and every customer.

Therefore, we conducted a Google form questionnaire to the students of Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior High School (199 second graders, 191 third graders, 390 people in total) that we attend.

Q1:Where do you want to go on a space trip? (Since it is rounded to the first decimal place, it does not reach 100%, even if all are added.)

     1st place Moon.....31%

    2nd place Mars.....17%

    3rd place Saturn...15%

      4th place Neptune...10%

      5th place Jupiter....8%

      6th place Uranus.....5%

      7th place Venus......3%

      8th place Mercury....2%


Everyone seems to want to go to the moon the most.

Q2:If you like, please write the reason for answering Q1.

The main reason for people to choose the Moon in Q1 is "because it is beautiful" and "because it is familiar among many opinions.

Moon that won the 1st place in the questionnaire.

(Mid-Autumn Moon taken by team members on October 1, 2020)

Q3:Is there anything you would like to bring with you on a space trip?

Cameras, smartphones, and space food were the best three I wanted to bring.

If you have been watching space food and communication, you can return here

Q4:What do you want to do during your stay in space travel?

The main answers were "Experience weightlessness" and "View the scenery of the earth and space,and take pictures with a camera".

Q5:How long do you want to stay at the destination you answed in Q1?

A few days to a week accouned for 58% of the toral.

Now, when making a plan, it is important to provide more "the Moon trips" and a one-week stay.

This is the solution!

We will sell more "the Moon trips" and "1 week"!

In summary, there is a pamphlet created based on the questionnaire. Please have a look.

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