Base construction

This is the problem!

What if you want to build a base on earth?

A base is indispensable for space travel.

There are three main requirements for setting up a base.

①There is no building nearby.

②It is vast land.

③It should not cost as much as possible.

① and ② are conditions that must be absolutely observed from the viewpoint of noise problems and crashes.

Regarding ③, the asteroid explorer "Hayabusa2" may be reused at present, and cost reduction has been attracting attention in recent years.

It seems that there is a land that satisfies ① and ②, but it is difficult to add ③.

This is because, for example, a single rocket launch costs about 10 billion yen due to the high cost of rockets, rocket launch pads, transportation costs, and so on. When it comes to space travel, it will take more.

I want to travel in space! But it costs money...Under such circumstances, we thought about...

It's a space elevator!


A space elevator is a space version of an elevator that connects land and sea on the equator with artificial satellites in outer space.

Since it is an elevator,
①There is no need to secure a vast land. Compared to launching a rocket,
②There is no noise problem.
Also, if the departure place of space travel is an artificial satellite at the arrival place of the elevator,
it will not be affected much by the grtavity of the earth and will consume less fuel, so
③It seems that the cost can be suppressed considerably.

However, another problem arose here.

Where to place the artificial satellite in outer space.

It is an artificial satelite, but it must not be stationary.

Since the earth rotates, the distance between the ground and the satellite changes.

The International Space Station(ISS) orbits the earth in 90 minutes at a speed of 27,000km/over about 36,000 km.

Therefore, the artificial satellite, which is the departure and arrival point of the elevator, orbits the earth at a speed of 27,000 km/h over about 36,000 km. Then it goes around the earth once a day, so when you look at the satellite from the ground, it seems to stop.

In addition, "carbon nanotube" is a good material for the rope that connects the ground and satellites. Carbon nanotubes are lightweight and durable.

Finally, to prevent the satellite from fallinf due to the gravity of the rope, pass the rope on the opposite side of the earth to further increase the centrifugal force generated by the satellite's orbit and prevent it from falling.

If you take a space elevator to a height of 36000km and offer a plan to travel by spaceship from there, you will have more choices of celestial bodies to go to, and many people can enjoy space travel.

This solves this problem.

【Space little memo】

The entrance to space is surprisingly close. Space is from a height of 100 km set by the International Aviation Federation.

This is the solution!

Build a space elevator!

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